The Project

Eco Warriors is a brand of PM Studios s.r.l. focused on the creation of a set of videogames characterized by an educational and environmental content without giving up the fun and involvement typical of video games of pure entertainment.

Fundamental objective of the project is to disseminate, through appealing and contemporary means, among the young people, the crucial concepts of environmental education, taking into consideration the difficult situation humankind, in this field, will have to face in the next years.

Active participation of players (school-age kids and more) in an adventure similar in its structure to a video game will offer the possibility to disseminate knowledge and environmental awareness with a unique and effective means of communication characterized by a growing popularity worldwide (video games market's sales have topped cinema's and music's ones).

In the different Eco Warriors episodes, the players belong to a group of brave guys with fantastic powers, fighting a tremendous enemy: the Necrobots!

Thanks to a faultless training the Eco Warriors face the dark threat of Necrobots , teaching, without boring, how important is in real life, every world citizen's participation in ecological activities to preserve human, animal and plants life on the Earth.

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